You have recently reported memories of events for which you were previously amnesic or which were otherwise unavailable to your conscious recollection. Currently, your memory of these memories is the only verification available. It is not presently possible, at your treatment level, to ascertain whether these memories, as reported, are complete and accurate memories of actual historical events and situations in your life.

Despite many advances in the scientific understanding of memory there is currently no consensus of scientific opinion regarding formation, storage, retrieval or release of memories. The best scientific data now available indicate that memories may fall within two very general categories: recalled and reconstructed.

Recalled memories are memories of past events and situations, having a factual basis, which have been stored in memory and may be recovered or recalled upon appropriate stimulus. In most instances, the stimulus is a conscious effort to retrieve the memory, as in, for example, the conscious attempt to remember ones wedding, last birthday, or other important event. In other instances, a non-conscious stimulus may trigger the recovery or recall of some memory. Such non-conscious stimuli may include such things as sound, odors, particular colors, etc.

Reconstructed memories may or may not have an historical basis in fact. Details and circumstances are brought into conscious awareness which may or may not accurately portray some particular past event, may be only partially grounded in historical fact, or may be more-or-less completely lacking any factual or historic basis. Reconstructed memories can be seemingly recollected or retrieved by conscious effort, or they can be triggered by non-conscious stimuli, just as can recalled memories. Reconstructed memories can also be brought into conscious awareness when one is attempting to make sense of or understand difficult or painful material, and for many other reasons of which one may not be consciously aware. This can occur outside the influence of work with light stimulation and/or the InnerQuest system as well as during work with light stimulation and/or other LEA systems.

In some instances, apparently retrieved or recollected memories are actually a symbolic or encoded form of communication about something other than historical facts. The conscious mind may not be able to always fully and accurately discriminate between those memories which are factual accounts of historical events and memories which have been reconstructed or completely fabricated.

With your consent, we will continue to work in work with light stimulation and/or the LEA systems with any memories or apparent memories which are now available to your conscious awareness or which may be recovered or otherwise become available to your conscious awareness. An on-going part of the work with light stimulation and/or the LEA systems work we will be doing together will have to do with exploring these memories for any signs or indications that they may be reconstructed, lack any substantial historical basis, and/or may be retrieved or recalled as some form of symbolic communication. The purpose of the work with light stimulation and/or the LEA systems is not a proving or disproving of anything you may seem to recall or remember. It may be necessary for you to seek whatever sources may be available for the corroboration or verification of your memories and recollections. These sources may include, but are not limited to, family photograph albums, diaries, conferences with witnesses, physical artifacts or evidence consistent with the memories, confessions, etc. It may well be that such verification or corroboration is not possible; the search for corroborating material may, in itself, have therapeutic value.

Continuing to work with the memories in work with light stimulation and/or the systems will result in memories and associated material, whether recalled or reconstructed, becoming more and more a part of your consciousness. You may come to believe that the remembered or recollected events were or are an actual part of your history and your life, even if the memories are partially or completely without factual basis. Increased consciousness or memories may have either a beneficial or an adverse influence on your functioning and your well being: every reasonable professional effort will be made by your facilitator to maximize the beneficial influences and minimize the possible adverse influences or consequences.

Should you elect to continue this individual work with light stimulation and/or the LEA systems work with the memories that have been recovered and may, in the future, be retrieved or otherwise come into conscious awareness, the following steps or precautions are strongly recommended in order to minimize the possibility of undue contamination or distortion of memories:

Avoid participating in any psychotherapy group or support group in which memories of trauma or abuse of any kind are openly discussed and explored, unless such a group has been specifically recommended by your therapist.

Avoid reading books, pamphlets, articles, etc., or viewing programs which contain graphic descriptions of abuse or trauma or which contain graphic accounts of the reported traumatic memories of other people, unless such reading or viewing has been recommended by your therapist.

Avoid discussions of traumatic memories outside of therapy sessions.

Maintain a non-judgmental curiosity about what you seem to remember and how you experience yourself and your life.

Your signature below indicates that you read and understood this material, that you understand the potential benefits and risks of continued work with light stimulation and/or the LEA systems or ORI LLC.s products with attention to and exploration of previously non-conscious apparent memories, that any questions concerning this material have been answered and that you are giving your completely voluntary and informed consent to continued individual work with light stimulation and/or the LEA systems which may include the recounting and exploration of previously non-conscious apparent memories. You have the right to withdraw this consent, in writing, at any time. Your refusal to give consent or a decision to withdraw consent will not affect continuation of your work with light stimulation/sound stimulation and/or the LEA systems, however, the effect on the outcome of your work with light stimulation and/or the LEA systems cannot at this time be foreseen or predicted. You are engaging in a process of spiritual healing and you need to be responsible for your application of these techniques and their outcome.



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