OxyVital™ and the Oxygen Crisis

Deficient brain oxygenation causes hypoxia, which accelerates brain aging, memory loss, disorientation and depression. When supplemented with OxyVital™, the brain is properly nourished so that the mind actually becomes more lucid and supple. OxyVital™ can effectively neutralize the deleterious effects of drug use. Ingesting alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs creates significant oxygen deficiency, which contributes to a decline in mental function, including:

Short-term memory loss

Impaired concentration

Inability to think clearly

Recurring depression

Drugs deplete oxygen from the brain making it essential to quickly replace oxygen and minimize permanent damage. When inhaled nasally or taken orally, OxyVital™ is a super brain nutrient, providing the brain with Organic Olive Oil, rich in Omega fatty acids and concentrated oxygen – all essential for higher cognitive functioning. Oxygen is nature’s way of elevating the spirit. Oxygen plays a key role in stimulating and regulating endorphins, the opiate-like brain chemicals that promote a sense of euphoria. As athletes know, full oxygenation activates "runners high" - a profoundly altered and amplified being state. When the brain is properly oxygenated, the mind opens and expands, allowing negative thought forms to be released, and more positive, constructive thoughts to arise spontaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions About OxyVital™

What makes OxyVital™ uniquely special? Skin is the body’s largest organ so it is important to nourish it with the most organic, vitalizing and detoxifying skin care available. OxyVital™ is the only skin therapy that contains Life Energy Amplified-activated oxygen. It also contains Omega fatty acids, which are patently recognized for their longevity and anti-aging benefits.

Why choose these specific ingredients? Oxygen Research Institute is committed to creating the most vital, researched energy products available and has established the highest standards of quality and integrity for all ingredients and processes. OxyVital™ products contain only the finest organic, anti-oxidant olive oil, rich in the omegas and bonded to super oxygen. The formula is infused with only the purest therapeutic grade essential oils, which are specially selected for their proven and powerful healing properties. OxyVital™ acts like a hyper baric oxygen chamber for your skin, gums and nasal passages providing essential nourishment and rejuvenation.

Why use Oxygen? Skin and body tissues breathe too and the secret of beautiful skin is applying cellular oxygenation to restore optimum cellular respiration. We now know that the petrol chemicals and airborne pollutants popular in past generation formulas severely clog skin, causing damaging toxicity. This toxic condition makes cellular metabolism become hyper (too fast), burning out skin cells or hypo (too slow), which suffocates skin cells. Vitalized oxygen normalizes cell metabolism, creating maximum cellular respiration (resonance), which stimulates the cells to release toxins. This detoxification response initiates a healing response effectively and immediately reverses cellular aging.

Toxic, under-vitalized and under-oxygenated skin looks dull and lifeless. Accumulated debris causes slow metabolism, stagnant chi and sluggish circulation - resulting in clogged cells. OxyVital™ detoxifies and vitalizes skin to improve microcirculation of chi and oxygen flow in the blood. The oxygen in OxyVital™ also provides immediate healing and cellular restoration from burns, abrasions, pollution damage and environmental exposure. Oxygenated, purified and clarified skin shines with a radiant glow of vibrant health, revealing a translucent inner beauty.

How does Life Energy Amplification Provide Anti-Aging Results? OxyVital™ is vitalized with our Formula 5 "Life Energy Amplification", a scientific blend of gemstone energy remedies and Nobel gasses, which are renowned for reversing the visible affects of aging and promoting a naturally youthful appearance.

During the time of the Old Testament, it is reported that people lived for hundreds of years (or even up to 1,300 years by some accounts… remember Methuselah?).

Scientists know that there was a much higher concentration of Noble Gases and atmospheric oxygen - these high resonance Noble Gases vitalize oxygen, thereby clearing the toxins that cause aging and death. ORI uses the alchemy of Noble Gases precisely blended in harmony with gemstone powders, homeopathic and Far Infrared remedies to infuse OxyVital™ with Life Energy Amplification. This Life Energy Amplification formula can clear traumatic cellular memory, which is the energy blueprint for cell aging leading to cellular toxification. Toxins cause cellular de-vitalization further leading to wrinkles and other aging markers. The release of blocked and stagnant chi (cellular stress) facially can be compared to acupuncture "face lift", as it restores the skin’s youthful appearance and luminosity through improved energy circulation.

Suggestion: Use within three months or keep refrigerated to maintain ultimate freshness.




OxyVital™ Therapy products contain no chemicals or preservatives and are not animal tested.

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