Darrell Shaffer, MD
2117 Peregrine Lane
North Mankato, MN 56003


I am a practicing clinical psychiatrist. For the last 3 years I have been re-educating myself as thoroughly as I can in the field of Energy Medicine. As a result I have investigated every possible lead for clues to the tools to the tools and technologies that might be useful to accelerate the evolution of consciousness, both my own and that of other seekers. I have gone down many dead ends, and in the end only a few devices stand out as having potential for use by serious seekers of consciousness.

The life energy amplification technology qualifies, in my opinion, and should be placed at the top of the list. Norm McVea, Ph.D. has followed the path of the lone maverick genius, following his intuition and doggedly pursuing his own self-funded program of consciousness research for more that 20 years. Life energy amplification technology is the product of that quest.

What will this device do for you? Absolutely nothing. But what you may do with it is amazing. The LEA field entrains consciousness subtly but powerfully. If you are heavily armored, you may feel nothing at all. If you are near a breakthrough, the field may accelerate your awareness, possibly uncomfortably: but you can always turn it off and come back another day. But if your energy system is fairly open, if you are receptive to the experience of bliss, turning on the LEA is like standing in the blazing sun of pure chi. This is truly astounding technology, the uses and value of which we are only just beginning to discover.


With sincere appreciation and gratitude

Darrell Shaffer, MD

Energized Personal Training November 14, 2001
105 Fountain Center New Orleans Rd.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Dear Deb and Norman,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your Life Energy Amplifier Systems.

Iím surrounded by other health clubs that are multimillion dollar ventures, yet my small health club is the most successful. Itís the atmosphere, the energy the passion they feel there that theyíre not getting in the big places. I absolutely attribute this to the Atlantis HighLife System. These systems have changed peopleís lives, and in the world today itís so important to do something that makes the world lighter, brighter and a better place to live.

I havenít had to do any advertising since Iíve opened. People just come to me. If I get two people they bring me six. Itís better to have the Atlantis HighLife Systems in your store and watch people come to you, instead of spending thousands of dollars running after them.

People come in and say they have no energy to work out. Theyíre so tired as times are emotionally and mentally very depressing. They come in they soon feel a rush of uplifting energy. They feel relaxed they feel younger and they feel alive.

To walk into an atmosphere and all of a sudden they feel and alive and young and optimistic is pretty amazing and itís the Atlantis HighLife System that creates it. I even have clients who want to buy the systems, both the InnerQuest and the Atlantis HighLife. They feel that good about themselves after being with the systems that they want to buy!

For example I just finished working with a doctor of 71 years old with cortisone shots in the spine and a hip problem whose wifeís mother just died. In 15 minutes he was bench pressing 170 lbs, leg presses for 300 lbs. He just signed up for 6 months, and heís going to bring his wife in to sign up too. As an owner Iíve made money, but Iíve made money in an away thatís very positive. Itís a sense of making a living by also making people feel better and uplifted and less violent. Iím enjoying putting something positive in a very sad world right now. The doctor I just finished didnít want to come in and after being here 15 minutes he didnít want to leave.

Iíve noticed a very big difference since Iíve had the system Ė people come in year after year- how many businesses do people come in and sign up for six or 12 months in advance and pay in full? I have people now that want to sighn up four days a week for a year paid in full.

Thanks so much for all your great work,

Enrique Tomas

Feb. 19, 2001

Dear Deborah and Norman,

I am grateful to have come into contact with both of you. I have experienced accelerated growth in the last few months and know that your products have been part of that excellent growth. Deborah you were so right about the formula 3 helping with Emotional Intelligence. I donít seem to be experiencing those quiet, desperate, emotional freak-outs that I have come so accustomed to. I have a long way to go of course, but Iím making great progress. Just holding the new formula 6 electrode I can feel changes taking place in my body. Itís as if Iím being rewired to receive greater understanding. What a marvelous gift you are giving to the world.

I must tell you that Iím also studying a course in miracles and the Conversations With God books. Iíll just say they are amazing and note that there are a great many parallels with Normanís wonderful work.

Deborah and Norman I truly believe that you are two of Gods brilliant messengers. Two answered prayers from the Goddess to humanity, and two glorious stations in the life everlasting. And I thank you.



May 21, 2001

I cannot express in mere words how excited I am with my Atlantis HighLife System. Who would be unhappy with a machine that delivers an instantaneous high?( And without the usual deleterious side effects of a substance} It does not deplete or tax your system- it just keeps getting better.

Bill Green- Boston

Hi, guys,

I got the Atlantis whenever I did, and slept with it on every day since, except two. (in the beginning I was sensitive) Until two months ago, it was 18" from my head. Now, it is 36". It is ALWAYS ON! All I can say is I am living the kind of life I would have wanted before I got your gizmo, and it would take deadly force to get it away from me! I couldn't tell you why, but that's the way I feel!

Jim Lambert

Nov.6, 2001

Dan and I are having some wonderful experiences using the InnerQuest, Atlantis HighLife and Smart Tapes. Our latest experiments with using the InnerQuest System for a "chi bath" were amazing. Dan likes his baths fairly pureójust some mineral salts, whereas I make bath potions with lots of bubbles, scents and mineral salts. For both of us, we noticed how much silkier the bath water felt, and how much better our skin felt afterwards when using the InnerQuest with the bath water. Dan noticed a large improvement in some dry skin along with shoulders from just one chi bath.

If I could how I feel with using the Life Energy Amplifiers, itís akin to the feeling one gets with just a little bit of alcohol, like wine or beer, while being totally sober! My whole being feels lighter, a little brighter, bouncier and more friendly towards myself(which is really good as Iím sooooo hard on myself) as well as others. With fear and blocks neutralized, my best self shines through. Relaxed self-confidence and a peaceful knowing "all is well" is becoming more and more my natural state and if I had a sunny personality before, I think I radiate even more love and light now to everyone I meet. Even little day-to-day interpersonal exchanges seem to take on a higher more positive meaning.

The introduction of Life Energy Amplifiers and your other products has been perfect timing for me. It seems like Danís and my growth has taken us to a place where we can really best appreciate and utilize the technologies.

Thanks for sharing your visions into reality.

Many Blessings,


Hi Norman,

Feel free to use my previous letter in your Bliss Factor Book. I'm sure I'll be sending more happy letters of the powerful, positive experiences as I explore inner and outer realms using your company's technologies and products.

I'm digging into the Coaching Self-Inquiry. Wow!! Its amazing, so deep, yet straight forward to follow and perfect for my processing right now. I look forward to giving you lots of good feedback as I go through the program.

Thanks so much for your help.

Most Warm Regards,

Anita Loveid Farmer
Chicago, IL 60626

Sound As A Vibrational Tool

4th Dimension Sound Star Gate Ė Here you will find some amazing technologies that you can place on top of any speaker, that actually transforms the listening space into a much more(hard to describe) "feel-able" listening experience! This is merely one of the sections of the Oxygen Research Institute website, headed by Norman McVea, Ph.D. Talk about applied Atlantean technologies, this equipment utilizes sacred geometry, precious metals, noble gases, magnetics, ionization, and acoustic resonanceís, causing the equipment placed on top of the speakers and the sound, which in turn causes a {seemingly magical} transformation of the listening space into a much more alive sea of living energies! ( I, Iasos, was very skeptical until I actually experienced it! What was most dramatic for me was when they turned the effect off, so I could feel the difference between the music both with and without this equipment.) This technology is expensive but well worth it! If you want an "enriched listening space", check it out. This subjective effect simply defies earth science-logic.

(The above quote is from the Iasos website. Iasos is a new age musician, he and Steven Halprin were the founders of new age music! Iasosís music is incredible just by itself but combined with The Life Energy Amplifier as we did at a recent Mt. Shasta conference Iasos and Michael played through our 4D Sound system for hours to a group of approx. 2000 people. The alchemy of Iasos and the amplification or vitalization of his sound was quite a trip. Thank you Iasos for a great event.)

August 25, 1999

Letter to Dr. Norman McVea:

I have been using various products from Oxygen Research over the years. My span of exposure ranges from the Psychotronic instrumentation to Oxybliss.

I personally, as well as my family and patients have greatly benefited from the use of these products.

Furthermore the technical support and customer service extended by Dr. McVea and associates makes the product line offered by Oxygen Research superior and in a category of their own.

Bravo Norm and Deborah!

John Porter, M.D.
Phoenix, Arizona

Saturday, November 13, 1999

Hi this is Beth McConnellójust want to let you know that I got my Atlantis HighLife and I love it!!! I thought Iíd just touch base and let you know that itís working greatóI feel some MAJOR difference alreadyóand that it was well worth the wait(--the tape program has really assisted me too)


Beth McConnell

May 25, 1997


I can see itís great value in massage, bodywork, personal coaching, Reiki, deep relaxation, meditation, therapy, magnetic Ė light and sound work and very many other practices where deep relaxation and sharp mental focus are important. Many personal issues came up from my subconscious that sorted themselves out nicely. I experienced greater mental clarity and a stronger connection to my higher awareness. The quality and depth of the dreams I experienced were quite wonderful. During the day the LEA gave me a clear space to think things through. I also witnessed the ability of the LEA to clear out or discharge energetic armoring that often keeps patients trapped in the mind and cut off from their bodies.

Thanks so much,

Dr. Alan Lazar, D.C.
Santa Monica, CA

April 4, 2000

Much has happened over the past few years using Life Energy Amplification, so much that I could write a book. The energetic openings have been many, from grounding to much higher creativity, and yes my personal favorite, subtle dimensional awareness, in that Iím so much more conscious of my out of body experiences.

Scott Borders


August 1, 2001

This is what Iíve always been looking for and Iíve finally found it,

Brian McCarthy
Yonkers, NY

I found that the LEA clears energetic disturbances. A kind of high tech Feng Shui.

Richard Bonilla
Santa Maria, CA

April 17, 2001

Hi Norman and Deborah,

I just finished a session with your self-inquiry program #5. I am so blessed, realizing how life fits together. Your workbook, in concert with the Lea Vision Quest and the Atlantis HighLife, is amazing, is amazing. Iím feeling and knowing my shifts and reintegration.

Thanks you very, very much for this offering.


Jeffery Courson


I have experienced the "Life Energy Amplifier" as the masculine equivalent of the feminine ĎShakti" flow (Light of Buddha) common to many healing forms. As Reiki master I have used this tool in synchronicity with attunements and have valued this elemental stimulant of love. I have felt at the androgynous union of vital life forces invoked by the "Life Energy Amplifier", seeing it as an important process in dealing with the healing agenda. My personal interest in finding tools for aligning our new twelve chakra grid symmetry has been in part, appeased through the "Life Energy Amplifier". When we are capable of dealing directly with the masculine complications of our wholeness, many of which are not yet fully approachable through our total wellness. The life force energy that is amplified succeeds in moving the set frequency of our energetic alignment into a pure fourth dimensional setting, so the drama and illusion set forth by this masculine, western world can be dealt with through true feeling.

I encourage all to experience the heightened awareness of the sympathetic nervous system combined with the vibrant stimulation of the etheric body. This Inner-action causes the release of traumatic cellular memory, enacting a process of wellness in the body. I see this important discovery as a unique chance to integrate the meaning of our androgynous inner self with our understanding of love and our vibratory wholeness.

Peter Wolfe
Reiki Master, Author Channel